Pepperoni Chips

I’m not a fan of pepperoni, mainly because of all the grease pools it creates. But when I saw a picture of Pepperoni Chips on Pinterest, they looked really good. Dry. Not the least bit greasy. I finally tried them – and they were great! Four thumbs up from the four of us! And a bonus: they’re an acceptable THM (S) food!

Now I occasionally make them for snacks, as part of the boys’ lunch, or as a side to some meals. They’re quick, easy, and much healthier than eating them straight from the package (yuck!) or sitting in a pool of grease on a slice of pizza.

Ingredients: pepperoni

Cover the top of a microwave-safe plate with a double layer of paper towels. Place one layer of pepperoni slices on top of paper towels and cover with another paper towel.


Microwave on HIGH for one minute. Let cool before eating.

They’re great plain, with crackers and cheese, with pretzels and marinara, etc.



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